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Efficient 20 Years Of Kitchen Installation and Fitting Service by MAROX Catering

We are a reputed company that designs and installs quality commercial kitchen equipment and other products concerning stainless steel fabrication. Besides that, we are the kitchen manufacturers in UAE, and we have years of expertise in catering equipment and installations in residential and commercial properties. Our valued customers are from different fields like restaurants, hotels, cafés, bars, palaces, villas, military bases, taverns, colleges, universities, schools, hospitals, supermarkets, and food factories. We know different types of kitchen equipment so, you can rely on us for kitchen equipment supply and installation. 


With the aim of “From Conception to Completion,” we have established our company’s mission to provide high-level satisfaction to our existing and future clients by helping them realize their dreams and maximize the potential of their kitchens. We offer the best services to our clients by making sure that every project will be completed on time and budget, providing no limits in meeting our valued customer’s requirements. So, if you are looking for quality kitchen equipment Dubai services, get in touch now. 

Who We Are

Currently, we are one of the leading manufacturers of commercial kitchen equipment and fittings in Dubai. Our team comprises highly skilled professionals who have vast experience in designing, fabricating, and installing. 


Our tradesmen can manufacture custom stainless steel equipment from simple benches, sinks, wall shelves, and trolleys to intricate bars and servers. Marox Catering and kitchen Equipment is a reputed kitchen trading company for designing and manufacturing kitchen equipment abiding by quality standards.

Our customers are the ambassadors of our catering equipment skills and expertise, that’s why more and more people are now placing an order for their ideal kitchen designs. Also, we are one of the most well-reputed catering equipment suppliers, and we make sure to fulfill all your catering needs. 


MAROX Catering Equipment Trading aims to provide outstanding standards and cost-effective services to our valued clients.



We deal and deliver all major brands of Commercial Cooking Equipment plus the Customized ones to several Catering Units in the City and across the region.



We supply and complete all the needs of Catering Equipment used in the Hospital Catering. You just name it, and we have it as our commitment to the clients.


Offices and Educational Institutes

We provide great and one-stop solutions for Commercial Kitchen Equipment for Offices, Universities, and school Catering needs.


Restaurants, Hotels, and Cafes

We cater with the best Commercial Kitchen Equipment for all the Restaurants, Hotels, and Cafes.

Our kitchen equipment experts have designed the machines in such a manner that can be easily operated by all types of users.

We mainly focus on the final output of our industry. And, our machines have maximum output with minimum wastage.

Get a Professional Services, Call us Now

Set up a Corporate Kitchen With MAROX

We have made it easy to set up a corporate kitchen for your restaurant, hotels, cafes or anywhere else.



Our Corporate kitchen equipment has the best design quality that is designed taking care of your comfortable areas and your needs.

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We deliver the best quality of kitchen equipment for your different needs that gets you a wonderful experience.

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We will get you a trained member from our installation team to install our kitchen equipment with very ease.

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June 7, 2023

Nowadays, the commercial food service industry is rapidly evolving. The most recent market trends that could be adopted to be competitive as technological breakthroughs change the production landscape for commercial kitchen equipment. This blog will go through the advanced innovation, clever features, and energy-saving techniques transforming Dubai’s commercial kitchen industry. By adopting these trends, restaurant […]


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